Entertaining with cheese and bacon… works like a charm!

Maybe it’s the Boone’s Farm slushie talking, but when I entertain, It’s not unusual for my compadres to have a little pow-wow and and try to talk me into opening a restaurant. I let them down easy every time and tell them there’s too much competition now that Culver’s is right across the street from my wine garden. Can you say, ‘BUTTER BURGERS?” Nuff said. Sorry folks, but I refuse  create a restaurant empire! Now that I’ve shattered my friends dreams, I feel  a need to give away some treasured tips about how to entertain swell, well, and best of all, cheap!


1. NEVER SHOP AT JEWEL…unless frozen pizzas are on sale

2. Shop for ingredients that are at their season’s peak. I once paid two friken‘ dollars for an apple at Jewel because they were not in season. The cashier said, “Well, gas is expensive!” Whatever. You can fit  a lot of apples in a […]