Today Moni, lead singer for Masternation came over to conduct a business meeting with my hubby. I’ve been dealing with a massive anxiety attack which she helped subside. First of all, she brought me a sandwich. Never underestimate the power of a good sandwich. Then, she sang her latest song (soon to be released on wood grain vinyl):


Hipsters don’t say hi

Hipsters, I just want to know why?

A simple “Hi” when I wave at you

A little nod or smile would do

A friendly word

You don’t need to be a turd

Oh hipster, poor little sad hipster

I think this guy is a manager at Jewel.

I can’t get the tune out of my frickin’ skull. It’s not only genius, it’s the new Slacky Hipster theme song. To think, I was getting worried that I wouldn’t have the right jingle … I kept thinking nothing could top the introduction sing along songs for The Facts of Life, or Diff’rent Strokes.

Now I can say, “Move over dorks, I’ve got a hit on my hands.” I think Moni should tour again. I miss songs like, Sand in my Cookie (inspired by working out on the beach), and Hairy Knuckles. I also miss being the band’s performance artist. Fans, refill your Zippos and make sure to belt out the Slacky Hipster an turn it up to 11! Maybe, the new hit will motivate Masternation to dust off their air guitars and get out of retirement.

  • Monicatol

    Thanks Erin! We may be dusting off those air guitars & drums and come out of retirement. Perhaps we may go on tour this year?!. Sandwiches in tow.