Today Moni, lead singer for Masternation came over to conduct a business meeting with my hubby. I’ve been dealing with a massive anxiety attack which she helped subside. First of all, she brought me a sandwich. Never underestimate the power of a good sandwich. Then, she sang her latest song (soon to be released on wood grain vinyl):

HIPSTERS DON’T SAY HI Hipsters don’t say hi Hipsters, I just want to know why? A simple “Hi” when I wave at you A little nod or smile would do A friendly word You don’t need to be a turd Oh hipster, poor little sad hipster

I think this guy is a manager at Jewel.

I can’t get the tune out of my frickin’ skull. It’s not only genius, it’s the new Slacky Hipster theme song. To think, I was getting worried that I wouldn’t have the right jingle … I kept thinking nothing […]

Let me take you on a magic mustache ride

The fake mustache trend showed up on the runway in 2008. Who would have thought that four years later, the accessory would still tickle both our fancy and our upper lip? My girlfriends and I got together last weekend for an annual pillow fight. Once in a blue moon, we kick our husbands, kids, and cats to the curb for a night of girl bonding. One of the ladies surprised us with a package of adhesive facial hair and the next thing we knew, stars were born.

We went on a magic mustache ride; a journey right up there with the one time I declined a proposition to join the mile high club. Each of us, stood up from cozy bar stools and became thespians. Before we could control what was happening, we were all acting like guyz. “Yo, whad up with the sushi?”

How bout’ a beef sammie, make […]


My sophisticated friend Moni, may be all grown up, but this hasn’t stopped her from playing with dolls. Monica Tolczyk, a highly regarded packaging designer and partner of Mint design firm has a side gig that’s worth a glance! Moni creates custom Barbie type dolls, housed inside a real package that’s accessorized with all sorts of goodies. The doll is a personalized figurine that defines character with tiny collections of scrape-book moments, silly commentary, and small bits of tchotchke.

At first, I wondered if my friend had a glue sniffing problem and had really gone mad. Then she made my doll…a tiny replica of  beauty and all that is good. She, “the Fabulous Erin Doll” is behind a protective plastic bubble. Around her are things that tell a story about me….lots of champagne bottles and secretive moments that only a real friend can document. It’s sort of like a “roast” in a box with gravy and mashed potatoes!

On the back […]

In the closet.

It was Friday, close to 5 pm and I’d  had a long day wrestling mannequins. Like most Americans. I was ready to celebrate my happy hour.  Buttoned up and ready to fly at 5 pm, I headed to my friend Michelle’s closet, where I knew there would be plenty of booze and LOADS of eye candy. It was a jouney trecking to her place. I felt as through I was headed down a long and sinuous dirt road in a horse and buggy. I was ever so thirsty…and finally I arrived.

Michelle opened the door looking fabulous in Prada shoes, leggings, a Donna Karen top and a crochet knit sweater. I was wearing an old Penguin t-shirt, Not Your Daughters Jeans (note, these have a tummy tuck feature to hide your PBR gut). On my feet were the standard Puma sneakers, and around my wrist, a bracelet that I stole from my friend Moni when she was drunk.